HOUSE CLEANSING is in ancient ritual to expel and remove stagnant and negative energy from a body, space or object, welcoming positive energy, thoughts and vibrations. Spiritual house cleansings have been known to be performed throughout history for hundreds of years!

Each set includes:
• x4 Crystals (especially chosen for you!)
• x1 Selenite stick
• x1 White Sage stick
• x1 Palo Santo stick
• x1 10ml essential oil blend (personally made)

• Herbs and flowers for burning

Crystals available:
• Amethyst

• Lapis Lazuli

• Angelite

• Rose Quartz

• Citrine
• Carnelian

• Goldstone

• Clear Quartz

• Black Obsidian


The cleansing bundle packs are also gifted with a special cleansing prayer which can be recited as you cleanse yourself, objects and your living space.

Keep the positive flow of energy within your home to stay grounded, balanced and at peace.

Home Cleansing Bundle Pack

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