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This online course is an extended version of the 5 day meditation course which includes an additional 5 guided meditations, narrated by Stephanie Capiron, which you can practice in the comfort of your home.


This self care package is designed to promote a sense of calm for your mental wellbeing, and help to provide clarity and direction on how to achieve your goals with positive mindfulness.


The topics which will be explored during this 10 day mediation course are:

  • Awakening The Spirit
  • Healing The Heart
  • Connecting With Your Higher Self
  • Releasing Anger
  • Smile And Be Happy
  • Morning Meditation
  • Sleep Meditaiton
  • Healing Your Inner Child
  • Releasing Your Fears
  • Relecting A Positive Future

You may wish to keep a journal with you after each session to write down and reflect on any thoughts or feelings which may have come up during each meditation.

POWERTIP: Guided meditations are best enjoyed while listening with headphones! Do not listen to these recordings whilst driving or operating machinery, where it is not safe for you to relax and fall asleep. 


  • Guided mediations can be listened to in mp3 and Windows Media Player format.

    To download the zip file link, make sure you have a supported program such as Winzip, WinRAR, 7-zip, PeaZip or Zipware.

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