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Ahhhhhh yes, nothing beats a good scalp massage!

I can confidently say that this would have to be my signature technique that I love to include at the end of every massage treatment. It just makes the whole experience more 'complete'.

Not only does a scalp massage feel really nice, but it also has a number of healthy and healing benefits! For example, did you know that a regular scalp massage can actually promote hair growth? It's a slow growth process, but it actually really works!

Massaging the scalp enlarges tiny arteries that increases blood circulation to the head, face and hair follicles. It can also improve the texture of your hair to make it stronger and thicker.

Hello au naturale!

On a more holistic level, scalp massage is a very quick and effective remedy to relieve headache tension, muscle tension and stress. It can also improve sleep, mental relaxation and calm the nervous system.

So if you've ever wondered what it is that makes you feel so zenned-out and peaceful like the Dalai Lama, it's all thanks to a little scalp stimulation.

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