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Sleep regressions during Sasha's development has been a major challenge I've had to experience lately

Up until 2 weeks ago, I found myself getting up between 5-8 times a night trying to re-settle her. It tried my patience, my endurance and my sanity. I found myself in tears a lot of the time thinking to myself "what's it going to take for her to sleep???"

Despite being told the fact that it's a phase that all babies go through, it's not something I felt comfortable for my daughter to just bypass on her own. Every mother has her own method, but considering my nature, I personally prefer a more gentle, no-cry holistic approach when it comes to soothing my baby

After many trials and errors, I found 2 simple things that seem like they're finally working!

  • 1. Her bunny 'Clover' from Riff Raff

  • 2. Essential oils

As a qualified Aromatherapist, I did a lot of extensive studying and research as to how you can safely implement essential oils to help babies sleep. Two of my favorite go-to essential oils which have shown to be a massive improvement with Sasha's sleep, are German Chamomile and Lavender. They are the top 2 most gentle essential oils that you can use for babies! When used together, these two amazing essential oils harmonize in unison to help to calm the nervous system, combat insomnia to promote relaxation for better sleep and significantly decreases stress levels.

A rule of thumb to remember when using essential oils for babies is:


Some of the different ways that I've used these oils are by creating my own baby massage sleep balm with baby Q.V cream, diluting in coconut oil in her bath, in a humidifier and most recently adding 2-3 small drops in her bed sheets. YES! You CAN actually put essential oils in your baby's bed sheets. I sometimes even smudge a little bit of Lavender and Roman Chamomile on the tip of Clover's nose when she sleeps with her during the night. This is by far, one of the BEST techniques that I've used so far with essential oils for her bedtime.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that essential oils should not be used on or around babies who are younger than 3 months.

If you're a mother like myself, and are experiencing the same challenges as I have and are interested to try a different and alternative method to help settle your little one, send through a direct message and let's have a chat!

Us mothers need to look out for one another!

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