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Reiki: What is it? How does it work?

“Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things”

- Unknown

Whenever I'm posed with the question about what Reiki is, I always find this pretty easy to answer. It is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique where the practitioner works as a channeller/conduit by gently placing their hands over the chakras. This helps to remove negative blockages which might prevent positive energy to flow naturally. The physical and the spiritual in yourself are both connected. Science has shown that the cause of physical illness is directly linked to the stagnation of blocked energy.

Although, when people ask me “What does Reiki feel like?", words always fail to explain. I believe the more open minded you are to this unique healing art, the more you will be able to receive. The experience varies from person to person. I sometimes find that it can be somewhat of a spiritual hypnosis as it is quite common for most clients to fall into a deep, peaceful sleep. Some may feel a magnetic pull throughout their body which is an indication to the energy shifting. Others might feel the temperature change within themselves from hot to cold, see colours and quick flashes of random images.

It can also be quite emotional for some people when they receive the healing of Reiki as it can release suppressed emotions when dealing with unresolved internal conflict. But even if you don't experience anything during Reiki, don't be dis-heartened. The energy healing is STILL working through you and you might not notice an energy change until a few days later. I can confidently say that whenever I ask my clients how THEY feel after a Reiki session, the answer is always the same:

- Calm

- Relaxed

- Grounded

- Centred

- Peaceful

- Clear-minded It is truly a fascinating natural form of healing art which can be appreciated by all when one is open minded to the experience. I always have so much joy whenever I have the opportunity share this experience with others as it gives me gratification as the giver, just as much as the receiver.

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