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Pregnancy Care: Bonding With Your Baby!

During a Pregnancy Care massage, I always feel like I'm treating two people at the same time...

The beautiful connection that I get witness during these treatments between the expecting Mother and her baby before they are even born is both a privilege and an honor. There has never been one session where I can say that my pregnancy care clients tell me that they didn't feel their baby kicking during a massage. It happens all the time!

Believe it or not, babies can actually respond to the treatment just as much as the mother does. When you're feeling grounded, centered, calm and at total peace within yourself, your baby will sense that energy that you give out to them. But did you know, that even after your baby has been born, that it can actually influence their behavior as they grow older?!

This was recently revealed to me by one of my lovely long term clients who regularly came to see me for Pregnancy Care massage with her second daughter during her third trimester. She is about 12 months old now. During one of her visits two weeks ago, she mentioned to me that over the past year, she's noticed that her daughter has developed quite a placid and easygoing nature. After hearing this, I can confidently say that her Pregnancy Care massage must have definitely played a part with her daughter's characteristic traits.

Being a new mother would have to be the most life-changing experience that a women would have to transition through. Looking after yourself and your baby, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually is a necessity as you need a balance with all three. They need to work in unison to sustain your well-being as a whole!

I know for a fact that when the time comes for me to bring my first born into this world, I will be taking full advantage to nurture my well-being as a sacred vessel the same way I have done for my pre-natal clients.

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