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Past Life Regression

"To be able to look back on one's past life with satisfaction is to live twice." - John Dalberg-Action

For those who have been following me on Instagram, you might have remembered a video I posted last week briefly discussing my experience with past life regression. It has changed my personal life trajectory so much that I feel everyone who is even a little open to it should experience it. I believe that our energy is eternal. After accepting my past life, I've come to understand that the best way I'm able to live my life now to its fullest potential, was from the day I discovered that my past life is connected to Ancient Egypt. This has been a secret that I've kept to myself for a long time out of fear of thinking that not many people will understand and quickly label it as too far-fetched or over eccentric. To be honest, I have only shared my past life experience with a handful of people who understood the concept. My connection to Ancient Egypt started at a very young age when I was 13 years old after I first saw 'The Mummy' in 1999. It is by far one of my favorite movies, not just with the story-line, but the ancient culture, folklore, mysticism and magic has always fascinated me. Usually when you're a teenager, you're always bound to go through a phase where you develop obsessions and fantasies. But it has been almost 22 years, and the history of ancient Egypt still captivates me to this very day.

Earlier in August, I was doing a Reiki session for one of my regular clients who told me she had a vision of me during her healing as an Angel in a past life. This was probably one of the most flattering compliments a client has ever given me, but it was from that very moment that actually sparked my curiosity to unearth if this was a link to my past life. Later that night, I decided to sit and do a deep meditation which guided me through my past life regression. As I went deeper into a state of consciousness, it turned into quite an emotional experience as I felt like my soul was instantly being teleported back into ancient times.

I then had a clear vision of myself walking through the temples of Philae in Egypt. Within the distance, I saw a human figure slowly begin to appear, almost like a mirage, that was sitting in a golden antique chaise. As I approached closer, the figure became clearer and as they turned around, I realized that it was a woman dressed in a white robe, adorned with amulets. But the most mesmerizing detail that struck me were her wings which expanded like the feathers of a falcon. We locked eyes for a few moments which seemed like eternity. As I moved, she moved and then I recognized that she was my mirror image reflecting back at me. After I woke from my meditation, I wept for the longest time as I was both in disbelief and emotionally overwhelmed after what I just saw. I then began to wonder:

"Could this be the reason why I've always felt a strong connection to Ancient Egypt?". After that experience, I felt compelled to do a bit of research and figure out who was the divine-like being I saw in my meditation. I do remember that I had seen images before of this woman in Egyptian hieroglyphics, but I had no knowledge as to who she was and what she represented. But once I did, I was left speechless after I uncovered numerous facts about her that correlated to me.

  • Isis was an Egyptian Goddess who was from the old kingdom. Her name is the Greek form of the ancient Egyptian word for "thrown". Interestingly enough, my first name 'Stephanie', is from Greek origin which means 'crown'.

  • Isis was also the principal deity in rites connected with the dead, a magical healer and cured the sick. In this lifetime, I have continued to offer holistic healing as a Massage Therapist. And as a clairsentient, I've developed a gift of being able to connect with loved ones who have passed on.

  • As a mother, Isis was a role model for all women and was the goddess of fertility, motherhood and rebirth. Out of all the different massage techniques I specialize in, Pregnancy Care is by far my favorite as I always feel like I'm treating two people at the same time. What ever the mother experiences, the baby in the womb responds. I can confidently say that 9/10 the expecting mothers have always said that they could feel their baby kick when I massage them.

After my first past life regression experience, it has helped me to gain a better understanding that my purpose in this lifetime is to continue my legacy of being an advocate for wellness to others. In my own opinion, I do believe that my work as a healer in a past life as Isis wasn't entirely completed and that the Universe decided that it needed me to come back for the people who were still in need of my help during this lifetime. I do hope that one day in the future I'll be able to fulfill my dream to visit Egypt! I've also learnt that once you're able to embrace and acknowledge your past life, it can help you gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in your life, release limiting thoughts and behaviors, remove barriers inhibiting your own inner peace, dissolve the fear of death and give opportunity for spiritual growth.

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