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Updated: Jun 15, 2019

I've recently been working with a client who I have been treating for the past two months. For me to keep her identity private, I'll call her Sandy.

Sandy was referred to me by one of my regulars who believed that I could help her to reconnect with herself in mind, body and spirit. From the first day that we met, there was an instant connection and we just 'clicked' straight away. I found that there were so many similar character traits between Sandy and myself which has always made our sessions flow naturally like water.

I always find it so inspiring to have a chance to listen to a client's story when they have overcome so much adversity in their life and still be willing to rise above and make a change. What's even more amazing is to witness how she carries herself with so much strength despite the pain she has gone through and the hidden tears she has shed. I know for a FACT that she is much stronger than what she realizes.

Throughout our sessions, I've come to realize that the main obstacle Sandy has been trying to overcome for a long time is 'FEAR' and 'GUILT'. Without going into too much personal detail, it mainly stems back to her childhood memories which in turn has influenced the way that she sees life through her eyes in adulthood. It has taken a long time but I feel like we had a major breakthrough today where she has finally acknowledged this and the evidence came in a message from the Universe that was crystal clear as daylight.

I remembered that I had mentioned to her in one of our previous sessions where I encouraged for her to read my last blog about 'FACING YOUR FEARS'. I had put myself in the story detailing my own experience in hope that it would shed some light and inspire others to face their own. I also emphasized that FEAR is actually commonly known as 'False. Evidence. Appearing. Real'. Usually, the treatments I provide for her is a Reiki Massage which incorporates a balance between the Spiritual, Mental and Physical. At the end of the treatment, I usually have my clients choose an oracle card and I would read the meaning of it from my booklet to help them gain some clarity after they leave. The card that she ended up choosing today blew my mind! The card that she picked was 'Come To The Edge' which details this passage:

"Fear is the way into places you don't need to go. Most of what you fear at the moment is an illusion stemming from an old belief that isn't even true. Now is a time for courage. You will not be lost at sea; you will not watch everyone else get what you want while you are left alone and unloved - oh, the drama of it all! False Evidence Appearing Real is hovering over you. The more you dwell on fear, the more real it will become. Ask yourself, Who in me is afraid? Love that part of you. Ask, is this true and real right now? The answer, most likely, is no. Give yourself a hug. It's okay to be scared. Courage must be summoned. In spite of your fear, even when you're not feeling confident, Spirit will always catch you".

Well....if that is not an obvious hint from the Universe, then I don't know what is! We may not always get the message the first time, but the Universe is always willing to try again - even if it means spelling it out to us.

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