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Knowledge + Action = Power

I recently re-visited a post earlier this year from a dear friend who said, and I quote:

“Knowledge alone is not power.

Knowledge + action is power.”

This struck a personal cord with me. And it really started to get me thinking. It’s amazing how so much can be said in such a simple quote. If you have a goal that you want to achieve in life, know this - Knowledge alone isn’t enough to simply accomplish those aspirations. You can read all the books, do your research, write an article or an essay until you feel like you’ve drawn upon your own conclusions. When you’re dwelling into the unknown of something new and different, it is a good place to start. No one is born with a mindful of knowledge.

But what is the point to acquiring so much knowledge if we don’t take action with it? How do we know it works? How do we know it’s true? Ask yourself, what have you actively done with what you know now? We need to physically get ourselves out there and put our own thoughts into action. In doing so, we can challenge the idea to see if what we have learned and understood is actually bona fide.

In that process, if you’ve discovered that the knowledge you already had is absolute OR goes against everything you once thought you understood, guess what, you win either way! And that is simply because you decided to make your move - to take Action.

Now that is Power.

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