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Is it normal to feel emotional after a massage?

I've always said that the art of massage therapy works so much more than just healing and repairing the physical body. It is a proven fact that it also provides positive benefits for our mind, soul and emotions.

I can honestly say from first hand experience as a therapist and also as a person who has received numerous massage treatments over the years, that it is VERY common for some people to experience a sudden rush of powerful emotions while receiving body work. This is because we carry so much emotional baggage within our bodies such as anxiety, stress, depression, fear, sadness, grief, trauma and other negative feelings.

And when the magic of gentle, therapeutic touch is applied, it can release a wave of those overwhelming emotional blockages through tears bringing a sense of relief, calm, ease and comfort.

Ever notice how newborn babies are receptive to touch when they cry for the first time? That's because they naturally rely on physical touch from the moment that they are born as part of their survival instinct and to soothe their emotions.

Truth be told, it actually takes a lot for a therapist to move me to tears when I'm the one who is receiving a massage. Just like any other client who walks through my door, I too believe it is very important to find a therapist who's on the same wave-length as me and understands my needs. But most importantly, knowing that I am in the care of someone who makes me feel comfortable and safe.

Last week when I went to see Lisa, my Remedial Massage Therapist for an appointment, I wasn't in the right head space as I was feeling quite overwhelmed and unbalanced within myself due to the impact of the Mercury Retrograde. Before we even got started with the treatment, she allowed me to take a few moments to freely speak and she actively listened to what was weighing on my mind that day.

Once I started, I spoke very casually and freely with a smile on my face. But it wasn't until I was on the table, and she started working on my body, that my true emotions came out. It all feels like a blur to me now because I was caught up within the moment. But it must have been half way during my session where I remember she was working on my lower back, and simultaneously, this beautiful sound of a gentle, piano melody started to play through her stereo filling the space within the room. It felt like Lisa was tapping into my mind and heart because she intuitively knew where I was holding onto my emotions. At that point, I heard a voice inside my head that said: It's ok. Just let it out. Just let it go.

I felt my heart started to open like a flower as the emotions consumed my entire being. I felt it building up through my spine into a crescendo until the tears welled up in my eyes and my body just wept...and wept...and wept. Not much was needed to be said during that moment because actions speak louder than words. My therapist, Lisa, was there to hold a space for me, but the choice was mine to make alone to go a bit deeper within the core of myself and heal from the inside out.

By the end of our session, I felt completely refreshed and renewed as though something was shifted within me and put back into harmony, balance and alignment. It was by far, one of the BEST healing massage experiences that I've ever had in a very long time and I give so much gratitude to her for that.

So I close my personal story with a few quotes from an inspiring documentary called 'Heal' by Kelly Noonan to remind you:

  • Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect our health...

  • Every man and woman is the architect of their own healing and their own destiny...

  • Change your perception: Tonic thoughts produce tonic chemicals. Toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals...

  • Our senses are a window to our inner pharmacy...

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