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How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." These were the famous words which were said by Theodore Roosevelt.

As I close another chapter, on that which was 2019, I gave some time to myself to reflect on all my clients who have come to my care this past year. One thing I realized that I had in common with each and every single person was that we all had our share of trials and errors with our own personal challenges. It felt like all the curve-balls that Life was throwing at us in 2019 was getting us prepared for the VICTORIES we will accomplish in 2020.

I feel like for most of us, all of our hard work and effort will finally come into fruition, despite our adversities we had experienced. I'm not just talking about within my community - I also feel like it's going to be global-wide!

Right now, I am in the process of manifesting my own dreams for 2020 and I have a fail-proof strategy that I am certain that anyone can apply to help turn their dreams into reality. That secret is called: VISION BOARDS!

Vision boards are a creative way to help manifest abundance for specific goals that you want to achieve in life. It's actually a great way to bring out the thoughts from your mind and onto paper. It's almost like a visual map so that you can see that your goals are attainable and possible without the fear factor.

To do this, you simple need the following: - A large piece of A2 cardboard paper

- Magazines/catalogues/newspapers

- Glue

- Scissors

Method: Cut out various images, positive quotes or words which symbolize the goal/s that you want to achieve and stick them onto your cardboard paper until you start to create a collage of your masterpiece. (HINT: I find it actually helps to listen to music for creativity on YouTube to get my mind in the zone!)

Once you have finished creating your vision board, stick it up on the wall somewhere in your house where you'll know you'll see it everyday for reflection: (for example: your bedroom).

Without realizing, your vision board will start to have a positive influence on a subconscious level with your decision making, thought patterns and actions which will lead you into fulfilling your specific goal with intention and purpose!

Turning your dreams into reality doesn't happen over-night. But if you have courage, confidence, patience and faith tailored with a strategic plan, there's no denying that prosperity and abundance can truly be yours!

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