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How a plant based diet and the power of manifestation helped me fall pregnant

Some of you may have remembered how last year in August 2020 when I went through a major over-haul and made the decision to convert to a plant based diet to help re-boot my health and well-being.

It was by far one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. Not only did my vitality and energy levels increase, but I also felt physically stronger and toned, my hair was super shiny, my nails were stronger and my complexion was glowing. Now don't get me wrong, it was no easy feat! It wasn't something I decided to jump into over night. I had to do a lot of research in the beginning to figure out whether this could work for me and where the alternatives lied with plant based foods in order for me to get the right nutrients that my body needed. Thankfully, I also gained some insight from a few close friends who were able to educate and guide me down the right path on how to maintain it the right way.

Little did people know, that the main purpose behind all of this was also to help me fall pregnant. But it wasn't just about changing my diet and healthy eating. I knew that I really needed to go deeper within myself and practice the art of manifestation! I am a firm believer when I say that you will always get back what you put out to the Universe. I knew that I had to be very clear and specific with my intentions so that I would be able to receive the abundance of what I've desired for such a long time. I knew that it was time. I was ready to be a mother.

Now I've always been a visual person since I was little girl. It's what has always helped me remember and understand information and keeping my eyes on the bigger picture. So I actually took that notion literally and decided to create a vision board. It was an A2 size poster that was layered with pictures from magazines that had images of babies, pregnant women and families with children. Till this very day, I have it stuck on my wall in our bedroom as it was a visual and gentle daily reminder of this goal that I wanted to achieve. It was also a collage with positive affirmations such as:

  • I am open to the Divine Feminine

  • I am open to receive all the joy life has to offer

  • I am open to receive infinite grace and blessings

  • My womb is blessed by the cosmic forces

  • My mind, body and emotions are baby ready

  • My heart and womb are over-flowing with love

  • My womb is blessed and I am blessed

For the longest time even before I fell pregnant, I had a feeling deep down in my heart that my first child was going to be a girl. I remember one day when my husband surprised me with a beautiful gift of a little white and green summer dress and a matching hat. This was a dress that we always kept in the wardrobe of what would be our baby's room one day.

This actually inspired me to take my manifestation a step further as I used this little white and green summer dress and surrounded it with crystals and gemstones when I practiced my fertility meditation at night time. I would even have my hands on my belly and talk to my spirit baby in my heart and tell her how much I loved her and that I was ready to be her mummy. No matter where I was, I always felt my daughter's presence was close by my side in Spirit and knew that she was on her way to be earth-side soon.

I must admit, before we discovered the gender of our baby, I had a slight moment of doubt and for a while started to believe that it could possibly be a boy because her energy within my womb felt so fiery and strong! But once we found out it was a girl, I was in shock and instantly thought to myself "You can't mess with the power of positive intention! Always trust and never doubt your intuition!".

So what have I learnt during my pregnancy journey so far?

I believe that what worked for me, was simply going back to basics:

  • Eat nutritional and wholesome foods to create a healthy space within my womb for my baby to grow.

  • Journaling my thoughts and creating a vision board as a daily reminder of my values, goals and dreams to be a mother.

  • To never underestimate the power of positive intention that you set out to the Universe.

  • That I acknowledge and value my own self-worth without holding any critical judgement.

  • And above all, to have faith in myself and embrace the Divine Feminine within because my body has the power to carry and procreate happy, healthy babies.

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