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Be The Calm Within The Storm

These are very difficult times we're living in. There is no doubt about that. For many of us, it almost feels like we're living in a dream that we can't seem to wake up from. I think what I've started to realize is that the only way we can truly appreciate the gift of living as a collective, is when we suddenly experience the most unimaginable misfortune that life has thrown at us. Our perception of reality has changed so drastically where we question what is real and what isn't. It has tested our patience, faith, strength and capability of harnessing our own mental well-being where we're gradually starting to become an empty shell of the person we once thought we were. It's so easy for anyone to fall into this pattern when we feel like we've lost our sense of control and freedom. From not being able to simply hold our loved ones, to being denied where we decide to venture out and now, not being able to see the smile on people's faces. It's enough to put almost anyone on edge. Believe me, I understand you. But let me tell you this: within the tragedies we have faced throughout history in this world, there is one thing that still remains the same. There is one thing that they ALL have in common - the strength of the human spirit! We will rise above. We CAN overcome.It is time for us start looking at the opportunities within the challenges we are now being faced with. So over the past six weeks, I decided to make a promise to myself to meditate every day for ten minutes for my own spiritual growth. Whether it be in the morning from the moment I woke up, in between clients, or at night time before I went to sleep. It didn't matter when or where - I had to do it at least once every day. There were times when I lapsed and would have to start over adjusting to this new routine didn't come without commitment and discipline.

But about three weeks in, I could feel there was a noticeable change in me. I realized that my energy was beaming, I carried myself with such pride, I noticed the little details in nature, the connection with my life partner was much stronger, I was connecting with my clients on a higher subconscious level by tapping into their minds and emotions, I finally met my Spirit Guide and I have barely felt stressed or anxious. The mundane things I would normally worry about became so easy to let go. I felt at complete peace and harmony within myself, because I was the one in control of my emotions and thoughts. It then dawned on me that I was starting to raise my vibration at a higher frequency and having a spiritual awakening. I felt so powerful because I knew my higher self was telling me that everything was going to be o.k no matter what the outcome.

It is through our tribulations where our will power is tested to choose how we respond to the situation. This is where we find our true strength. It all comes down to the choice of how we react:

Do we allow ourselves to be influenced by the chaos and fear we're surrounded by? Or instead, should we take the road less traveled to seek stillness and inner peace?

Personally, I prefer to be the latter...

From my journey so far, I've found that there is extraordinary power in being 'still'  when you're staring at adversary in the face. That takes true courage and bravery. I'll be the better for it. Because when the time comes for me to look back and reflect on my life, I will be able to say "I chose to be the calm within the storm!"

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