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"If we learn to trust and embrace the process of Life and existence itself, we will realize that passion and purpose are obsolete when we live a Life of authenticity and truth".

These are the philosophical and wise words I heard today in a podcast from a dear friend of mine named Caterina V.

From what I've understood, I feel like there's actually a major misconception about the idea of how we need to figure out what our passion is in Life. And I think that's because we fall into the trap of putting so much pressure on ourselves based on what we see in our external environment; whether that be within our personal inner circle or even what we are subjected and conditioned to believe by what we see in the media.

I believe the best way to be able to live a FULFILLED Life is to be completely self-aware and embrace the truth of who you truly are. Accept the changes along the way, good or bad, because those experiences all play a part for us to evolve and grow. Stop comparing yourself to other people or try to replicate they're way of living because we are all on a different journey. Make the most of the time you have been given in this physical realm to humanly experience as much as you can, even the things that may scare you!

Once you're able to tune into the vibration around you, you will then start to see how things can flow so naturally and effortlessly. Trust me, it will never happen if you keep trying to force it. The moment you allow yourself to let go of control and give complete trust, only then will the goodness come into fruition of receiving total abundance.

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