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Our aim is to provide and welcome you into a calming and healing space where you will be guided by the hand on how to reconnect with yourself and ACCELERATE the possibility of achieving positive wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit. Experience EXCEPTIONAL HEALTH through Massage Therapy so that you can live you life at its best and fullest potential!

Our very own existence is like The Triangle of Life - in mind, body and spirit. If either one comes into disharmony, it pushes the rest out of balance. We simply cannot function unless these three foundations are aligned.

Each day we are given, is a right of passage to take care of ourselves in order to excel at our very best in life. When we do so, we become empowered and liberated to achieve anything. You are a sacred being of this Universe, and should be treated as such.

Like an artist who creates a sculpture, you too have the talent to design the individual you wish to be. There are no two people who are the same, for you are your own masterpiece.

A B O U T   U S

Hi! I'm Stephanie Capiron (Director and Senior Remedial Massage Therapist)!

I'm the founder and creator of 'Capiron's Botanicals - Aromatherapy and Massage.'

I found my calling as a holistic Massage and Aromatherapist since I became a practitioner in 2010. I am very grateful to have found my place in the world where I feel passionate about helping people to live a more holistic aligned life so that you can be at the top of your energy levels. After having worked in a variety of different corporate environments in the past, I can empathize with you how it can be stressful and highly challenging at times. It was then that I realized that I wanted to be a person who could hold a space to provide healing and emotional support.   Read more



The minute you walk into the Capiron's Botanicals space, you feel at ease and you just know that the amazing team are going to take care of you. They actually listen to what your needs and the issues you have. Coming from a massage background myself, I know how vital this is and how important it is for a client. The skilled therapists have some sort of magic in their hands to help ease the tension away in your body. Whether it be through massage or creating their fantastic aromatherapy products- their gift for wellness is undeniable! I carry around my perfume oil wherever I go. Can’t wait to see what else Capiron's Botanicals comes up with in the future!    
Emily. B


Steph’s my ‘go to person’ when the aches and pains of life require a massage. I’ve been having remedial massages for years for ongoing back, shoulder and knee issues. I can honestly say that she is the best masseuse that I’ve ever visited. She’s recently introduced me to her aromatherapy line. These products are so effective and at the same time affordable that I wonder why I hadn’t tried them earlier. 
Angela. W

Stephanie and her team are careful and skilled practitioners with a warmth and confidence that allows you to begin to feel relaxed just upon entering the beautiful practice room. I have relaxation massages on a regular basis, and the benefits of each massage are both immediate and lasting into the following days. I highly recommend Capiron's Botanicals. They are wonderful.
Peta. K

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17 Lancers Drive, Melton West VIC 3337